Welcome International Friends

Wine is your thing? Fantastic, mine too. For more than 30 years I have been into wine, in a purely private way of course. Wine gave me a lot. Not only innumerable wonderful hours. Wine also helped me make friends all over the world. And of the many experiences, which I was allowed to gain, I would like to pass on a few.

Please don´t get me wrong: I am NOT a wine professional and would never like to become one. In France people like me are called "Amateur du Vin". Wine for me is hobby and passion.

In this sense this Website is purely private, completely unprofessionell, absolutely biased and totally unbalanced. And of course always remains unfinished. The Wineterminator writes the way he thinks and does not mince one´s words. If you like my site, please tell your friends about it, if not, tell me.

Now comes the biggest drawback: except this page everything on this Website is in German. Before you run now and enroll for German classes, try one of the many free online translation services on the internet. Sometimes their translations are quite funny, but most of it is quite usable. Google Translate e.g. gives quite good results that get better and better.

These are the main features is the Wineterminator has to offer:

Vintage Guide

More tha 40.000 personal tasting notes arranged by vintages from the 18th Century into the recent present. In addition short vintage assessments and tips for current drinking and buying. My ratings employ the international 100 point scale.

Tasting Notes

Here I describe as up-to-date as possible winevents and tastings, in which I had the chance to participate. That reaches over a large Mouton Rothschild tasting to the spontaneous Best Bottle in the small, informal circle.


There is again and again a beautiful bottle or a special opportunity, which may not come into oblivion. Thus a kind incomplete, completely personal wine diary develops under WINE MOMENTS. Arranged by months and just in it´s infancy.


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If you like this page, have questions or just would like to exchange some wine thoughts, just drop me a line. I read and write English. You can reach me at

webmaster (at) wineterminator . de

Just replace “(at)” by “@”. Sorry for that, but the only way to protect against spiders, that collect email adresses for spammers is to show the adress in crypted form.